Find your way underwater!

Navigation is an essential skill for any diver. In the SSI course Navigation leer jij om zelfstandig en vol vertrouwen je weg te vinden onder water. 

In the course we discuss both natural navigation and compass navigation. Never worked with a compass before? Don't worry, we will explain to you in easy-to-understand steps exactly how your compass works and how you and your buddy can independently plot a course before and during your dive.

Weekly with a minimum of three registrations.

  • Zandeiland 4, Vinkeveen
  • Minimum age: 10 years
  • Level: easy
  • Zwemvaardigheid & open water brevet vereist
  • Available in Dutch & English

The program consists of:

The navigation course consists of 1 full course day with 2 dives in open water. Due to the practical nature of this course, we will discuss the theory AND the practical exercises on the waterfront on this day.

During the first part of the day we focus on natural navigation. Using landmarks above and below the water, we teach you how to plan and follow a route. In the next dive you will apply these methods. In the second half of the day we focus on compass navigation. You will be introduced to the compass and through a combination of theory and practical exercises above water you will learn to use the compass correctly together with your buddy. This is followed by various underwater navigation assignments in which you and your buddy demonstrate that you can swim various simple and complex courses using the compass. We then make the final dive of the course, which combines natural and compass navigation. All participants and buddy teams work together to determine a dive plan including underwater navigation and then actually swim the route as planned. 

Een goede beheersing van je drijfvermogen en vintechnieken is onmisbaar voor deze cursus. Ben je nog niet helemaal comfortabel met stil hangen of draaien onder water? Overweeg dan om eerst de SSI Perfect Buoyancy cursus te volgen. Zo haal je het meeste rendement uit deze cursus!

  • Experienced and professional guidance
  • Maximum 4 participants per instructor
  • Personal attention
  • Extensive explanation prior to class
  • All necessary diving equipment
  • Digital teaching materials in your SSI app
  • Digital certificate in your SSI app
  • Swimwear & towel
  • Transport to the diving location


1 person