Enriched Air Nitrox

Safe and responsible diving!

In the SSI course Enriched Air Nitrox you will learn everything you need to dive with elevated oxygen levels. Nitrox is a breathing gas with more than 21% oxygen and nowadays almost indispensable for the average holiday diver. During this course you will learn everything you need to make your diving holiday even better safely and responsibly!

Weekly in the shop of Scublue Dive Center.

  • Minimum age: 10 years 
  • Level: easy
  • Diving license and swimming skills required
  • Available in Dutch & English

The program consists of:

Unlike most other courses, the Nitrox course is a so-called 'dry' course. So you don't have to make any dives to obtain your Nitrox certification. This of course sounds strange, but during the dive you do not notice whether you are breathing air or Nitrox. However, there are indeed important differences, all of which are discussed in this course.

For example, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Nitrox. Nitrox allows us to stay underwater longer or make more dives per day. Many people also find that they feel less tired after diving on Nitrox. Together we will look at the effects of high oxygen levels on both our body and our equipment, what risks the use of Nitrox can entail and of course we will discuss in detail how to handle Nitrox safely. Finally, there is a practical exercise in which you analyze a Nitrox tank yourself. You calibrate the oxygen meter, analyze the contents of the bottle and create a tank label. You also fill in the corresponding Nitrox log. You normally have to do all of these things when you go diving with Nitrox on holiday, so we make sure you are fully prepared!

The course ends with an exam. Afterwards you will receive a certificate that allows you to dive up to 32% or 40% Nitrox.

Enriched Air Nitrox

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