Do you regularly use your diving equipment? Or has it been collecting dust in the cupboard for a while and do you want to give it a new life? Then have your diving equipment fully serviced by our professionals. This way you can get back into the water safely!

No appointment is required for service. Your diving equipment can be handed in to the Scublue shop during opening hours.

Take the service time into account when the items are delivered. 


  • Regulator annual check – €39,90
  • Regulator full service – €69,90
    • 1st stage service kit – from €25,00
    • 2st stage service kit – from €15,00 


  • BCD service – €36,50


  • Replace dive computer battery €34,50


  • Replace drysuit neck seal €125,00
  • Replace dry suit wrist seals (in pairs) €120,00
  • Change dry suit shoes (excl. shoes) €150,00
  • Dry suit P-valve installation (excl. P-valve) €75,00

Scuba tank

  • Tank filling (air/200 bar) – €5,00

  • Scuba tank visual inspection – €34,50
  • Scuba tank hydrostatic inspection – €79,50