Exploring deep wrecks!

Want to dive along beautiful coral walls? Reach deeper reefs? Then one the SSI Deep Diver course exactly what you're looking for. 

In this course you will learn everything related to deep diving. The course consists of a combination of theory and practice in both the swimming pool and open water. During this thorough training we discuss, among other things, planning deep dives, the effects of greater depths on your equipment and the diver himself, and you learn various skills that you use during deep dives. After this course you are certified to dive together with your buddy to a depth of 40 meters.

Weekly with a minimum of three registrations.

The program consists of:

In the SSI Deep Diver course we go into depth (literally). Like all our courses, we start with theory again. You will receive the teaching materials as usual via our online learning environment or in the MySSI app on your phone. This allows you to prepare for the theory lesson at home.

During the theory lesson you will learn how to plan deep dives safely. We will discuss topics such as minimum required air supply, nitrogen narcosis, decompression limits and making a solid dive plan. In the swimming pool we will work on the inwater skills. We practice making ascents and descents in the horizontal position, backroll entry and the air-sharing ascent. We also spend a lot of time releasing the so-called SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) while we hang still in the water. Then of course it is time for practice. We make the deepest dives of this course in the NEMO33 diving tower in Brussels, Belgium. In the heated water and the good visibility of the diving tower, we can safely become acquainted with greater depths and experience the effects of the depth firsthand. There is also 1 outdoor dive in Vinkeveen, where you show in real open water conditions that you have mastered all theory and practice.

We always recommend the SSI Deep Diver course as the last specialty of the SSI Advanced Open Water Package. Solid basic skills and good buoyancy control are absolutely necessary for this course!

  • Experienced and professional guidance
  • Maximum 4 participants per instructor
  • Personal attention
  • Extensive explanation prior to class
  • All necessary diving equipment
  • Entrance to the swimming pool
  • Digital teaching materials in your SSI app
  • Digital certificate in your SSI app
  • Swimwear & towel
  • Vervoer naar het zwembad & duiklocatie


1 person