Night & Limited Visibility

Discover marine life at night

One of the coolest things you can do as a diver is diving at night. Underwater life is completely different than during the day and many unique and special sea animals can only be seen after sunset. Dive centers offer night dives in almost all top diving destinations! 

During the SSI course Night & Limited Visibility you will go night diving with us in Zeeland. We see large lobsters, various shrimp species, look for the bullhead and if you are very lucky maybe even a seahorse!

Weekly with a minimum of three registrations. 

  • Frans Kokrif, Zeeland 
  • Minimum age: 15 years 
  • Level: intermediate
  • Diving license and swimming skills required
  • Available in Dutch & English

The program consists of:

The SSI Night & Limited Visibility course consists of a one-hour theory lesson followed before 2 dives at Frans Kokrif in Zeeland. This is one of the most beautiful diving spots in the Grevelingenmeer where you are guaranteed to spot large lobsters and have a chance to see a whole catalog of beautiful underwater life. 

We start at our dive shop in Rijswijk where we discuss the correct procedures for a safe and beautiful night dive. We discuss, among other things, how light works differently underwater than above water, what things you need to take into account during a night dive or a dive in cloudy water and which light signals we use to communicate underwater at night. Afterwards there is the opportunity to have a (take-away) dinner at the restaurant. Then we drive to the Grevelingenmeer. We arrive at the diving location just before sunset. During the first dive in cloudy water we can explore the dive site a bit and get used to the more limited visibility. After a short break, we enter the water when it is completely dark for our night dive. During this dive you show that you understand how to keep in touch and communicate with your buddy and the instructor during a night dive and of course you enjoy the fantastic underwater life during the dive. In short, an experience you don't want to miss. 

Om de beste ervaring uit deze cursus te halen raden we aan om je drijfvermogen goed onder controle te hebben. Ben je niet zeker over je drijfvermogen? Kijk dan snel voor onze cursus SSI Perfect Buoyancy.

  • Experienced and professional guidance
  • Maximum 4 participants per instructor
  • Personal attention
  • Extensive explanation prior to class
  • All necessary diving equipment
  • Digital teaching materials in your SSI app
  • Digital certificate in your SSI app
  • Swimwear & towel
  • Transport to the diving location

Night & Limited Visibility

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