Specialty courses

Which specialty appeals to you?

The SSI Perfect Buoyancy course focuses on improving your buoyancy. Good buoyancy control has numerous benefits, including improved air consumption, less effort during the dive and better control over your movements underwater.

In the SSI Enriched Air Nitrox course, you will learn everything you need to dive with elevated oxygen levels. Nitrox is a breathing gas with more than 21% oxygen and nowadays almost indispensable for the average holiday diver. During this course you will learn everything you need to make your diving holiday even better safely and responsibly!

The SSI Night & Limited Visibility course consists of a one-hour theory lesson followed before 2 dives at Frans Kokrif in Zeeland. This is one of the most beautiful diving spots in the Grevelingenmeer where you are guaranteed to spot large lobsters and have a chance to see a whole catalog of beautiful underwater life. 

In the SSI Deep course you will learn everything related to deep diving. The course consists of a combination of theory and practice in both the swimming pool and open water. During this thorough training we discuss, among other things, planning deep dives, the effects of greater depths on your equipment and the diver himself, and you learn various skills that you use during deep dives. After this course you are certified to dive together with your buddy to a depth of 40 meters.

In the SSI Navigation course we discuss both natural navigation and compass navigation. Never worked with a compass before? Don't worry, we will explain to you in easy-to-understand steps exactly how your compass works and how you and your buddy can independently plot a course before and during your dive.